Is designed to give high-performance especially to a filter paper. Additional chemicals and powdered materials strengthen the function with mixing and spraying. Multi-layered filter paper is one of the high-performance one, structured with various materials.

Multilayered Filter Paper

Metamorphosing into the multilayer (density gradient) structure, filter paper extend the life substantially. The better filtration performance lead to the longer product life.

Application example

Coarse layer + Fine layer (structure: density gradient)

Filter roughly through the coarse layer and then remove precisely at the fine layer. For automotive fuel filter, etc.

High efficiency layer + Support layer

Supporting layer, higher mechanical strength, place under the fine layer. For medium efficiency air filter to higher equivalent to HEPA.

Comparison between “Single layer” and “Multilayer layer” (density gradient)

Filter paper, if into the multilayer (density gradient) structure, can extend the life longer than single layer one.

Powder Blend Paper

With functional powder such as activated carbon, we can provide a variety of functions paper. Moreover, manufacturing method of the multilayer paper, it is possible to make highly diverse featured one. The powders should not be reacting substance with water, nor solve in water. The particle size would be set as a matter of application. Please contact us.


  • Easy handling for the confined powder in the sheet foam, compared to powder use
  • Can be foamed into a honeycomb (a hollow hexagonal pillar structure similar to a beehive) or pleated sheet
  • Can add more function such as filtration to others like deodorization, photo-catalyst, antibacterial, anti-fungal, dehumidification, etc.

Functional Powders

  • Activated carbon (deodorizing filter, edible oil purification filter, etc.)
  • Zeolite
  • Silica gel (water absorbing paper)
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Titanium oxide
  • Activated clay (edible oil purification filter)

Chemical Impregnated Paper

We can provide special functions with coating or impregnating various chemicals to filter papers


  • Water repellent treatment (e.g. air filter, filter paper for fuel, etc.)
  • Hydrophilic treatment (e.g. water absorption evaporative paper, etc.)
  • Antibacterial treatment (e.g. water absorbing evaporative paper, etc.)
  • Increase strengthen (e.g. wet laid nonwoven fabric, phenolic resin-treated paper, etc.)

High Efficiency Filter Paper For Liquid

Featured Low pressure drop and high efficiency, consisting of cellulose micro-fibrillated fibers. Finer ones used than that for regular filter paper.


  • Liquid clarity equal to or match for diatomaceous earth filter pad filtering
  • Possessing excellent water resistance, it breaks with difficulty.
  • Light-weighted leads to the workload reduction, compared to diatomaceous earth filter paper and conventional thick ones.


  • Food filtration
  • General industrial use

Acrylic Pulp Filter Paper


  • Stronger than qualitative filter paper, when soaked in water
  • Better filtering speed for the micro-fibrillated fiber, than equivalent filtration-accuracy filter paper
  • Increase resistance facing acids and alkalis than regular cellulose filter paper


  • For chemical experiments and solvent filtration
  • For precision filtration
  • For sediment collection

Water Absorbing / Evaporating Paper

This media rapidly absorb and evaporate of liquid. We have 3 types: polyester type, acrylic fiber blended type and cellulose fiber blended type.

Polyester type

Excellent water absorption, antibacterial and antifungal properties provide adequate excellence in working character for vending machines and refrigerated showcases.

Acrylic type

The longer term water retention is outstanding.

Cellulose type

Providing great evaporation, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and high rigidity to the remarkable processability.