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We have developed a filtration material containing activated carbon and activated earth, which is designed to extend the lifetimes of cooking oils.
The activated carbon in this product restores the original colors of oils and removes odors. In addition, activated earth adsorbs and removes impurities that cause the degradation of oil. Furthermore, a pulp layer removes particulates and helps to restore oil to an almost pure state.
These functions help to reduce replacement frequencies for cooking oils and are also effective in improving the quality of oils including color and taste, etc.



1.Activated carbon and activated earth remove unwanted colorations and odors as well as impurities that degrade the flavors of oils.

2.Can be used for general cooking oils.

3.Consists of a double layer structure including a powder layer and a pulp layer.

4.The ability to sew this product means that it can be used in existing filtration units.

5.Easy disposal. (Can be disposed of using normal incineration methods.)


[Applications and sizes]

In addition to the filtration of fryer oil, etc., this product can also be used to decolorize and deodorize edible liquids.
This product is available in widths up to a maximum of 1,300 mm, and can be produced in sheets and sewn products.

Standard physical properties

Product number
Reference standard
Double layer blended paper
Mass (g/m2)
JIS P8124
Thickness (mm)
JIS P8118
Air permeability(sec/300 cc)
JIS P8117
Burst strength [kPa]
JIS P8112
Surface texture
Appearance (color)
IN side Black
OUT side White
Odor intensity (*)
Before filtration 340
After filtration 188

*Measurement conditions: Measurements made using a Keyence Corporation NS-700 Semiconductor Fragrance Sensor.Relative odor intensities were measured with the ambient odor intensity set at 100. Temperature: Room temperature

*The above data are designed to serve as reference materials for the handling of products manufactured by our company.These values are not designed to serve as guarantees of the performance of our company's products during actual usage.Please use this product only after careful consideration of the conditions in which it is to be used.

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