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At Azumi Filter Paper, we utilize our know-how as a paper manufacturer to the fullest in order to develop and manufacture functional paper possessing a wide range of special functions.

Water adsorbing/evaporating paper

Water absorbing and evaporating paper made from specially treated polyester nonwoven fabric, and which possesses the ability to rapidly absorb and evaporate liquids as well as antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
This product can be used to treat drain water in vending machines and refrigerated showcases as well as in humidifiers.

Decolorizing/deodorizing paper

Decolorizing and deodorizing paper products containing activated carbon and activated earth, and designed for use with liquids. These products can also be used to treat cooking oils. Activated carbon restores the original colors of oils and removes odors, and activated earth adsorbs and removes impurities that cause the degradation of oil. In addition, a wood pulp layer removes particulates and helps to restore oil to an almost pure state.
These products can be used for applications including the filtration of fryer oil, etc.

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