Nonwoven fabrics

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These are products possessing high levels of physical strength and heat resistance due to the use of chemical fibers (polyester, rayon, etc.).We have a wide range of dry and wet type nonwoven fabrics available allowing customers to select the most appropriate products for applications including the filtration of a wide variety of liquids and dust collection in air-conditioning equipment, etc.In addition, we also manufacture custom made products , so feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements.

Chemical fiber paper

These are nonwoven fabric products manufactured using chemical fibers.In comparison with general purpose filter paper, these products possess high levels of air permeability allowing for large flow rate filtration.
These products have a proven track record as prefilters in a wide range of applications and are mainly used as liquid filters for machining, grinding, and cold rolling oils, as well as a wide variety of air-conditioning filters.

Wet-laid nonwoven fabrics

These are nonwoven fabrics manufactured using wet-laid methods and employing polyester fibers as the main constituent.
In addition, they also have a proven track record in liquid filtration for precision polishing and machining processes.

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