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Filter papers are available in the greatest degree of variety and are also the cheapest form of filtration material.
Functional papers possessing a wide variety of functions are common, and these are widely utilized in areas ranging from physics and chemistry experiments to industrial, food, and brewing plants.At Azumi Filter Paper we manufacture and market high performance filter papers produced mainly using wood pulp.Below is information related to our company's representative filter paper products.Also, in addition to the products listed here, we can also manufacture custom-made products designed to meet your needs.Please feel free to let us know your filtration needs and the functions you require.

Qualitative filter paper

In addition to use in qualitative analysis and physics and chemistry experiments, these products are also widely utilized in areas including research laboratories and industrial applications.

General purpose filter paper

These are the most typical forms of filter papers, and are mainly used in general industrial applications. General purpose filter papers come in a variety of forms and specifications including products strengthened with wet strengthening agents and crepe varieties, etc. If you let us know your desired conditions, we can provide you with the most appropriate filter product.

Vehicle filters

Refer to this section if you are looking for filters to be used as vehicle components including oil, air, and bypass filters, etc.

Activated carbon filter paper

Decolorizing and deodorizing paper products containing activated carbon and activated earth, and designed for use with liquids.
These are high performance varieties of filter paper that possess high levels of strength in water, minimizes losses of activated carbon, and which can be used in a wide range of areas including the adsorption and recovery of solvents.

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