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Formaldehyde released from melamine and urea resins, etc. used in furniture, building materials, and wallpaper has become a significant social issue.
Our company has developed a formaldehyde adsorbent possessing high levels of adsorptivity and stability in collaboration with the Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute.
This adsorbent provides rapid and long-term adsorption of released formaldehyde.

[Deodorization performance (example)]

As shown in the graph on the right simply allowing this product to stand in an environment results in the rapid reduction of formaldehyde levels.
In contrast with an initial equilibrium concentration of 1.7 ppm (25°C), the equilibrium concentration after one week was 0.2 ppm without air convections, and in the presence of air convections the concentration dropped to 0.05 ppm.

<Test method>
A plywood product was sealed in polyethylene film and allowed to stand for several days at a temperature of 25°C.
Deodorizer was placed inside the polyethylene film after formaldehyde released from the plywood product had filled the inside of the film.Changes in the gas concentration were recorded once a day.
1] Deodorizer: DFA2 (107W) (two 25 cm × 25 cm sheets)
2] Plywood product: F2 plywood (dimensions: 1200 × 800 × 600)
3] Measuring equipment: Shimadzu Corporation SILSET (AHMT colorimetric method)
Gastec Corporation gas detector tubes No.91L (0.1-5 ppm)
4] Temperature/humidity: 25°C, 50%RH

[Dimensions and shapes]

This product is available in long sheets up to a maximum effective width of 1,300 mm, and can be processed using the following different methods and into the following different forms. Please contact us for more details.
1. Slitting, sheet cutting, and round punching, etc.
2. Corrugated honeycomb (one-sided cardboard laminates) and pleated forms ranging from half-finished products to finished deodorizing filters.

Standard physical properties

Product number
Reference standard
Paper containing a functional powder
Mass (g/m2)
JIS P8124
Functional powder
Organic-inorganic adsorbent 
Thickness (mm)
JIS P8118
Air permeability
Air permeability has not been taken into consideration.
Appearance (color)
Light brown