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TDO4 is a deodorizing paper designed for gases, and which contains titanium oxide (a photoxidative catalyst), an inorganic deodorizer, and activated carbon.This product effectively removes acetaldehyde, etc. when irradiated with ultraviolet light or sunlight.In addition, the incorporation of an inorganic deodorizer and activated carbon allows this product to remove odors caused by ammonia and acetic acid, etc. even under lightless conditions.

[Deodorization performance]

Acetaldehyde is a substance that is difficult to adsorb using activated carbon and inorganic deodorizers.However, by shining light on TDO4, this substance undergoes rapid oxidative decomposition.
The deodorization performance of this product with regard to representative malodorous substances contained in tobacco odors including acetaldehyde, acetic acid, and ammonia, etc., as well as a wide range of other odorants is described separately.

<Test method>
After measuring the initial adsorption with the black light OFF, the black light was then turned on and remaining gas concentrations were tracked.
1] Deodorizing paper sample: 100 cm2 (approximately 1 g)
2] Concentration of gas samples: 20 ppm × 3 times
3] Volume of bag: 5 L
4] Temperature: 20-25°C
5] Light irradiation conditions: 6 W black light, irradiation distance: 2 cm

[Size and shape]

This product is available in long sheets up to a maximum effective width of 1,300 mm, and can be processed using the following different methods and into the following different forms. Please contact us for more details.
1. Slitting, sheet cutting, and round punching, etc.
2. Corrugated honeycomb (one-sided cardboard laminates) and pleated forms ranging from half-finished products to finished deodorizing filters.

Standard physical properties

Product number
Reference standard
Paper containing a functional powder
Mass (g/m2)
JIS P8124
Functional powder
Titanium oxide, inorganic deodorizer, activated carbon 
Thickness (mm)
JIS P8118
Air permeability
Air permeability has not been taken into consideration.
Appearance (color)