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At Azumi Filter Paper we utilize our know how as a paper manufacturer in order to develop and manufacture paper products possessing the ability to remove solvent (toluene, etc.) and household (tobacco, pets etc.) odors through the blending of functional materials including activated carbon, zeolites, and silica gel, etc.
In addition, we also manufacture corrugated honeycomb filters through the utilization of one-sided cardboard processing technology designed to corrugate these paper products.

Deodorizing paper

These are blended paper products containing activated carbon and a wide variety of functional materials.We have a range of products available capable of removing a wide variety of odors including solvent odors such as toluene as well as tobacco and pet odors, etc.
We also have products possessing flame resistance and antifungal properties in addition to this function.In addition, each of the products shown below can be processed into corrugated honeycomb forms as described in the "Corrugated honeycomb products" below.

Corrugated honeycomb products

We manufacture corrugated honeycomb filters utilizing one-sided cardboard processing technology.In comparison to units filled with granular deodorizing materials, these products have lower pressure losses and are easier to handle, and because they do not require aluminium frames, etc., they are easy to dispose of.
Customers can select paper item numbers, sizes, and cell varieties, etc. to suit their intended applications.
These products can be used in a wide range of air-conditioning equipment and facilities, etc.

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