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Azumi Filter Paper's vehicle paper filters are not only used in Japan, but are also utilized in large numbers by overseas vehicle manufacturers.
These products are also used as purifying filters for hydraulic oil, etc., and we can provide the most appropriate products to meet the needs of customers.

For air filters

These products are used to protect engine air intake systems and engine interiors with their wide range of built-in control instruments and sensors from road and carbon dust, and we provide filters that can also meet the needs of today's highly sophisticated engine systems.

For oil filters

In order to circulate engine oils at high temperatures and high flow rates, these products employ filter papers that have been strengthened through impregnation with resins.
Bypass oil filters designed to trap carbon particles contained in oil are used in combination with these products in diesel vehicles, and specialized varieties of filter paper containing microscopic fibers are used for these applications.

For fuel filters

These products are used to trap and separate foreign materials and moisture in fuels including gasoline and diesel, etc., and Azumi Filter Paper's high precision filter papers are employed in equipment including pump modules used in fuel tanks and high precision filters for common rail systems, etc.

For cabin filters

These are filters are designed to be fitted inside vehicle air-conditioners, and which remove dust and pollen from external air in order to keep interior air fresh.

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